"We are like a tree, planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not whither.  Whatever we do will prosper." (Psalm 1:3)
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Evergreen Art Gallery

People ask us, “What is a church doing dabbling in art?” Down through the centuries the Church has been known as a venue for creative endeavors. In our day it seems as if the Church has largely relinquished the vital role it once played at the forefront of the arts. At the Evergreen Gallery one of our objectives is to reverse this trend. It is important to us that:

1. Those who may not otherwise attend church would feel welcome in our gallery.
2. The Church reclaims its role as a patron of the arts.
3. The arts are seen as a means whereby God can make himself known.
4. Artists would be encouraged in their vocation (calling) within the fine arts.
5. The proceeds from the sale of art would further worthy charitable causes.

Each artist featured below has either shown, or is now showing at the Evergreen Gallery. If you enjoy this site, please stop by our gallery at 17700 1st Ave. S in Burien. We are open from 9-3 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you want to be added to our contact list for our quarterly art show, artist’s receptions and jazz night please CONTACT US via our website - making sure to type in your return email address (as it is not automatically recorded in the contact form.)

This gallery is part of The Evergreen Church. Its operation is analogous to running an onsite information center that is part of the Church's missionary outreach. Charges to cover the cost of materials does not constitute a business for the church. Similarly, once the overhead expenses of the gallery are met (I.e. once the costs of the artists are covered) all of the proceeds go directly toward funding specific missionary endeavors - presently, we are helping to establish an orphanage in Tajikistan.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams, Northwest photographer, shoots large and small events, and weddings, as well as capturing the beauty in every day scenes. At our show he will display his collection of photos of the 9/11 memorial held in Seattle.


Robert Allen

Robert Allan studied art, photography, film, and graphic design at Ohio University and Cooper Art School. He has worked as a photo illustrator in a design studio, as a U.S. army photographer, an art teacher, and a pastor. His paintings have been displayed in many art shows.


Susan Alveshere

Susan Alveshere is an award winning internationally acclaimed Northwest artist. She uses bright colors and layering techniques to create unique colored pencil drawings that she hopes will touch the world one heart at a time.


Sherri Bails


Sherri Bails is an accomplished watercolorist whose work centers on the water filled landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. She holds a B.S. degree in Art Education from Northern Illinois University. Her new award winning paintings communicate the spirituality of life and water through strong design and luminous color combinations.She hopes her work is a mirror through which the peace, harmony, and serenity of the Lord can be seen.


Crystal Campbell

Crystal Campbell studied art at Central Washington University and at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. Her watercolor paintings are defined by her vivid colors and her unique portrayal of northwest flora captivating viewers across the country. .


Jeff Conley

Jeff Conley is a native of the Pacific Northwest. He began formal painting lessons in his hometown of Spokane, Washington at age seven. Since then, he has continued to develop his artistic style through workshops and courses, and continued painting.


Jerome Damey

Jerome Damey recently graduated from HIghline Community College, and works for Trader Joes as a full time artist. His father, who passed away when he was 11 years old, was an artist, as well as his hero. Jerome has been into art his whole life.

John Ebner

John Ebner has been painting in watercolors since 1973. Considered today the Northwest's most collected painter, Ebner creates paintings that reflect the essence of the Pacific Northwest, from his misty mountains to the vague figures of his signature “rain people” strolling ocean beaches or waiting, huddled under umbrellas. John is a member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and a life member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters.


David Grey

Award winning Tacoma artist David Grey creates paintings which honor the age old tradition of Classical Realism. His work is included in many private collections throughout the United States and in London.


Tim Haslet

Tim Haslet lives on Whidbey Island. He earned a BA in fine arts at Whitworth College in Spokane. Strength of line and vibrant color distinguish his landscapes as scenes of depth, rich with history.


Jarett Holderby

Accomplished Northwest artist Jarrettt Holderby, began his painting career n England. He specializes in underwater Marine life, science fiction themes, and war ships and planes. He works primarily in oil or acrylics on canvas, but he also does digital art.


Harold Johnson

Harold Johnson has been painting full time since the 60’s. He did the America the Beautiful series produced by the Bradford exchange and sponsored by the National Parks and Conservation Association. His style is detailed realism.


Linda Jacobus

Linda is drawn to the beauty of light and try to capture it through the use of oils. She says, "God created it all. I just copy what I see. He is my teacher. "



Jim Krug

Jim paints in both oil and watercolor Subjects include landscape, stil life, portrait, and architecture. He has trained at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, the Scottsdale Artist's School in Arizona and the California Watercolor Association.


Andrew Morrison

Seattle artist Andrew Morrison, loves creating art with his whole soul. He has a BA in fine arts from the prestigious Museum School of Fine Art in Boston. His art documents the times we are living in and celebrate life, love, and hope. His acrylic, water color and spray paint art work showcases his Native American culture and heritage.


Bruce Norquist

Northwest artist, Bruce Norquist lives in the Seattle area. In his painting he attempts to reflect creation in such a way as to evoke a sense of longing. His goal is to incline the viewer to want to be present in the scene depicted.


Jason Reynolds

Federal Way artist Jason Reynolds uses a variety of media to utilize and execute brilliant techniques in his art. He has been painting since he was a teenager: now 24, he is one to watch in the regional art community.


K. Joann Russell

K. Joann Russell is a lifelong artist. Her paintings speak visual words of encouragement and joy through the beauty of God's creation around us. Seeing the incredible beauty and interrelatedness of nature everywhere, causing people to want to "stop and smell the flowers".

Janyce Sukow

Janyce Sukow is a gifted Christian artist, musician, composer and teacher living in the pacific Northwest. She specializes in portraiture and wildlife art, although still life and scenery occasionally find their way onto her canvases.


Robert Tandecki


Robert Tandecki has been painting watercolors for over 30 years. He became a full time artist in 1980 and has never looked back. His favorite subjects are the marine and rural environment of the Pacific Northwest which he calls home. Bob's 'moody' watercolors have won him many top awards and he has sold his works to collectors worldwide.


Beverly Taylor

Beverly, a native of the Pacific Northwest, studied art at Seattle Pacific University and Prat School of Fine Arts. She is a member and former president of Northwest Watercolor Society, a member of the Women Painters of Washinton, and a member CIVA - Christians in the Visual Arts. Her work includes drawing, watercolors, printmaking, and collages.


Kris Vermere

Kris is an internationally known multi-media artist. Her mediums include acrylic paintings, fused glass and large metal sculptures. Her work reflects her love of ancient cultures and traditions.

Shane Wall

Shane Wall specializes in twilight scenery and beautiful urban street scenes, combining a perfect balance of contrasting colors with busy city life and moolit backdrops. He brings high quality photography to the world with experimental angles and innovative ideas in lighting and layouts.




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